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A Technical DevOps Blog, sharing knowledge and wisdom to all that will read.

I like many developers and engineers are constantly pushing the boundaries of the digital world. When doing this I get stuck and rely on the kindness of other people to share their how, what and why’s. In doing so I sometimes find myself having to search the whole of Googles indexes to find what I need, which is why I then try to help the next person looking by consolidating all that effort into a single location that is my blog.

Latest Post

  • Should we use libraries?

    Backbone.js, Node.js, SASS and even JQuery. We add these libraries in every day to create better websites and faster, but we are just loosing our coding abilities? I wonder with all these libraries that we are creating and importing are basically making our websites for us and, our coding abilities more like setting up WordPress. So should we give in and use them or should we be creative and make our own paths?

  • How to draw SVG

    This is how the logo was created, but also to show how you can use a graphic you have made and turn it into a SVG build. Then with the SVG you can draw the image with JavaScript.

  • How to send an post using Facebook API

    The biggest thing people want to do when  they do a call to Facebook API is do a post to theirs or someone else’s Facebook profile. To do this you need to be logged in, have permissions and then do the API call to post. Here Pure Random will describe how to call to Facebook API for not just a standard Facebook post, but also how to send a picture and how to send a link to Facebook.