Sitecore Package Deployer

This was another clean up task from the Azure DevOps task we was running with PowerShell. Another Developer created the script as when deploying Sitecore, we also deployed the Team Development Sitecore items. These will get picked up by the Sitecore Package Deployer’s schedule task from within Sitecore, however we need it to run as soon as possible.

Therefore the first draft of the script was written to manually kick off the deployer so that they get processed straight away during the release. However, we then also want other tasks to run after this has finished, which led the developer to put a monitor section to the script. This will report on if they have failed or succeeded.

The reason I then converted it to a task was to get rid of the un-maintainable code and to help other do the same thing. I could see there was nothing like this in the Marketplace and I always want great idea’s shared to fellow developers.

You can get the Task from the marketplace, where it is describe more of what it can do and how. >

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