Technology, Web and Great Podcasts

I listen to podcast daily and so I have below all my favourite podcast, which of course are all technology and web related. Podcasts are my way to learn and keep upto date while I travel to work. When I am biking in I can’t read a book or look at my social media, so instead I listen to the most up to date podcasts. It is a good way to bridge the gap in-between productive and useful.

Coding to perfection

Being a developer you see a lot of code and in my persute to be the best, I look to perfect my code. When you want to be the best you need to not only have the best code, but it also need to look the best and be functional. There are certain things you need to do when coding to perfection to make it the best for not just yourself, but for others to read as well. You have to bare in mind that other people will be judging you on your code for a job maybe, and then also using your code which you want to be easy read for them.

How To for the Twitter Card

Bing bing, twitter email… it’s twitter card. Twitter has developed a new feature called twitter card, but how do you use it? when I was setting up the PureRandom twitter card, I followed all the instructions, but still got a bit confused. This could be just me, though it never hurts to help others.