Password Regex with optional Special Characters Symbols

After number of failed attempts I have gotten to the Regex that validates your password with optional symbols. This example will validate it has 1 lowercase letter, 1 uppercase letter, 1 number and then the symbols are optional, but it also validates the symbols added in are acceptable.

Visual Studio Team Services Gulp Task Setup

The Visual Studio Team Services Gulp task is a free pre-built module in the VSTS build and release section that runs, yes you guessed it, gulp tasks. As much as it is very good and the directions on use are good, but one part I found hard was how to pass the arguments into the task. Therefore instead of just showing how to do this, I will also give some general information on the use as well.

What is in a projects builds and releases

While working with other companies I have seen multiple builds and releases, plus also reading books like ‘Continuous Delivery: Reliable Software Releases through Build, Test, and Deployment Automation’. Through this I have learnt more and more about what should really be in the builds and releases of code applications. I would like to describe how I think they should both be used to create a scalable, reliable and repeatable process to bring confidence to your projects.

How to use Chutzpah with Visual Studio and Build?

If you want to do some JavaScript Unit testing your most probably going to use things like Jasmine, Qunit or Mocha, which are all great things, but how do you run them? This was a challenge I came upon with Visual Studio and how to get it running like a normal NUnit test.

Learn a Framework not a Language

I listened to a podcast that said you should learn a coding framework first not a language. Now this might seem weird and confusing to existing developers as we were brought up with the basic languages and then frameworks have become a trend, but that’s because we are old. New developers are coming into the industry and frameworks are the top dog thing to know and use. You can’t see a job without one these day, so is it better to learn the framework first or should you go back to basics first?