Display flex back to old browsers

CSS3 and HTML5 has brought us a host of new and exciting features, but then the party poopers come and tell use we need to make sure everything works on the older browsers. At this point we realise these older browsers need some hammering to make sure the new toys still work. One of these features is the display property’s value ‘flex’.

Accessible Table Generator

Content Editors entering content is the bane of all developers lives, as the Editors will add in the most ill-systematic mark-up through the Content Management System (CMS). However they are not developer and do not know what they are doing, that’s why I build an Accessible Table Generator for the Editors at my work.

Less code and more tools

In the world of automation, DevOps and a huge amount of tools for website development are we doing less code and so becoming less of a developer and more of an admin? Over the few years of me doing web development I how found more things have come out the box to reduce the amountContinue reading “Less code and more tools”