Merge Azure DevOps Pipeline Templates

As mentioned in my previous post about Azure DevOps Local Pipeline Testing, the available method of testing with the Azure DevOps API doesn’t have the feature to merge the YAML Templates. Therefore, I have set out to try and solve this issue.. You can view the full PowerShell script on GitHub.( Please feel free toContinue reading “Merge Azure DevOps Pipeline Templates”

BadImageFormatException When Running 32/64 Bit Applications in Jet Brains Rider

I posted before about the error of getting BadImageFormatException and how it was associated to the processor settings. The fixed suggested were for Visual Studio only and in recent times I have now started working with Jet Brains Rider, which I then got the same issue, but found the correcting process. If you do haveContinue reading “BadImageFormatException When Running 32/64 Bit Applications in Jet Brains Rider”

Azure REST API Scopes

When working with the Azure REST API you need to provide the scope in all API requests, so Azure knows where you are looking. However, throughout their documentation that although they ask for the scope they do not explain or link to an explanation of what a scope is and what the formats are. Therefore,Continue reading “Azure REST API Scopes”

BadImageFormatException When Running 32/64 Bit Applications in Visual Studio

You might be about to run your application and suddenly you are getting ‘System.BadImageFormatException’. This is what I got when running a new application that I didn’t build. It took me a little bit to figure out what the issue was, but as below, the culprit was found and also some other interesting configurations required.Continue reading “BadImageFormatException When Running 32/64 Bit Applications in Visual Studio”

Microsoft Graph Client ClientCredentialProvider not Recognised

So you have downloaded the latest version of the Graph Nuget Package and your dotnet core application is all ready to start building with the Microsoft Graph Client SDK. However, when you create the client as per the documentation, Visual Studio is complaining it can’t find the ClientCredentialProvider. This is because it required the MicrosoftContinue reading “Microsoft Graph Client ClientCredentialProvider not Recognised”