BadImageFormatException When Running 32/64 Bit Applications in Visual Studio

You might be about to run your application and suddenly you are getting ‘System.BadImageFormatException’. This is what I got when running a new application that I didn’t build. It took me a little bit to figure out what the issue was, but as below, the culprit was found and also some other interesting configurations required.Continue reading “BadImageFormatException When Running 32/64 Bit Applications in Visual Studio”

Microsoft Graph Client ClientCredentialProvider not Recognised

So you have downloaded the latest version of the Graph Nuget Package and your dotnet core application is all ready to start building with the Microsoft Graph Client SDK. However, when you create the client as per the documentation, Visual Studio is complaining it can’t find the ClientCredentialProvider. This is because it required the MicrosoftContinue reading “Microsoft Graph Client ClientCredentialProvider not Recognised”

How I split a row by columns in MS SQL

Sometimes we just want to spit the rows in a table by the columns values because that is what SQL is for. This is no easy task depending on your data structure and lead to some complex queries. So here is the road to how to separate the columns data into each row that IContinue reading “How I split a row by columns in MS SQL”