Contracting Services


PR Code Ltd provides a full stack engineer service with 3 major pillars of services. These are the strongest skill sets that the lead developer can provide as a contracting service that will delivery the most professional and high quality products.

Digital Development

Anything from Web Development to Processing Applications, I have designed, built and deployed with DevOps practices. I have many skills in coding different languages for all types of end users including the general public customer and internal resources, so I understand the view from both sides of the application.
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Technical Leadership

I have managed technical and non-technical resources to deliver high values projects with hard deadlines. Work has included, but not limited to, time resourcing, software designing, technical decisions, team management and technical steering.

DevOps Implementation

Working in both major cloud providers and on premise architecture, I have a wide understanding of how to delivery the best DevOps and DevSecOps to the applications. I have advanced skills in Azure DevOps and even some public extensions
Azure DevOps Extensions

PR Code Ltd can provide a contracting service for all digital needs. If the lead developer cannot provide these services then, we will be able to source the right candidate that can deliver the right service for you.

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