My portfolio showcases various projects created throughout my career.
There are many more project examples I would love to share, but are unable to.


This started off with a digital transformation from their existing platform to a like to like brochure website. This would have all the same features and forms, but with a new digital design for a more intuitive user journey and display.

This has then further been advanced with a login functionality and a payment gateway.


  • C#.net (Sitecore 8.2)
  • Zepto JS
  • Azure/AWS IaaS
  • .NETCore 2.0
  • Solr

View this amazing website at www.howdens.com


As part of the Parkun project as company called ERS sold barcode products for runners. This was a site I build on a bespoke CMS and integrated the payment systems. It has advance scheduled reporting that lets the client know details of sales on each day and a complex sign in method to cater for users that want to buy products for other runners.

You can see the website at http://www.parkrun-barcode.org.uk/


My First and only app built, but a proud one. This app gives the user the ability to browse, save and apply to jobs from the main Adapt IT Recruitment database.

This was built using:

  • Objective C
  • Xcode Storyboard
  • VB.NET
  • MySQL

Download and view the app on iTunes.


When working at Comms Group Ltd I was a key part in building all their clients website, but the most advance website I worked on while there was the in house website commsgroup.com.

This is an in house built website on an in house built CMS, with top HTML5 techniques for a parallax design.

I assisted and used these technologies:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • MS SQL
  • C#.NET
  • Google API
  • Sage Pay API
  • eBay API


This website was a simple small website of 5 pages, that decided to branch out and go ecommerce. From that the company and website boomed into a massive sales company turning over a huge sum of money. Not only that but their website traffic grow astronomically.

The complex basket calculates out numerous deals, measurements and quantities to create the finally price. Have a look at how great this site is my going to https://www.dmsflooringsupplies.co.uk/


Email campaigns are always a challenge, but always a rewarding result and this was no different. This email has many challenges of graphics, formatting and spacing of the content.


This is not a website I personally built from the ground up, but I did have a lot of involvement in integrating advanced techniques and APIs to help advance the website.

Have a look at this great complex site at https://www.ers-online.co.uk/


Built on the Kentico CMS, this website is a dynamic and solid example of what a website can do on a global scale. See more of it at the Open Universities Website.

In this site I had active involvement with:

  • C#.NET
  • Kentico CMS usage
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • LESS
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • OSB

I have also helped maintain and build other Web Services that the website uses.

Let’s build something together.

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