SEO Tips to help you rank in all search engines

Below 10 SEO tips for both programmers and non techy people. Your knowledge doesn’t have to be great to get yourself seen by the top search engines. Most all SEO tips will work in the top search engines as all the search engines want to find you in the same way.

Coding to perfection

Being a developer you see a lot of code and in my persute to be the best, I look to perfect my code. When you want to be the best you need to not only have the best code, but it also need to look the best and be functional. There are certain things you need to do when coding to perfection to make it the best for not just yourself, but for others to read as well. You have to bare in mind that other people will be judging you on your code for a job maybe, and then also using your code which you want to be easy read for them.

Should we use libraries?

Backbone.js, Node.js, SASS and even JQuery. We add these libraries in every day to create better websites and faster, but we are just loosing our coding abilities? I wonder with all these libraries that we are creating and importing are basically making our websites for us and, our coding abilities more like setting up Wordpress. So should we give in and use them or should we be creative and make our own paths?