Returning an image from a General Handler in .NET

You know how to return a string, you know how to return an integer and you know how to return JSON, but do you know how to return an image from a General Handler file (ashx) in .NET 4.6? Well if not then fear not as I have the answer. Simply put you make sureContinue reading “Returning an image from a General Handler in .NET”

What is in a projects builds and releases

While working with other companies I have seen multiple builds and releases, plus also reading books like ‘Continuous Delivery: Reliable Software Releases through Build, Test, and Deployment Automation’. Through this I have learnt more and more about what should really be in the builds and releases of code applications. I would like to describe how I think they should both be used to create a scalable, reliable and repeatable process to bring confidence to your projects.

How to build Azure Service Bus Relay Sender and Listener?

This is one of them, I tried to do and found it hard so here is how I did it, post. I was assigned to look into how to build a Sender and Listener using the Azure Service Bus Relay, so we could send data from Azure to On Premise securely. Now there might be debates on is this is secure and compared to other methods, but that is not for what I was asked and what this post is about.