When will hardware hit the wall

Hardware is becoming more and more amazing, but it is getting to that limit of, what can you do next. Most every update in hardware these days is new CPU, better RAM and better graphics. Only problem is CPU is so fast no one really notices or cares about faster. RAM is up to like 16GB to 32GB commercially, which for the generally user is more than perfect. Graphics are normally 1080p, but can go to 4K which is as good as the human eye can see. 

So will things like games consoles, laptops, phones hardware advances just stop? once you have your device, you keep it for decades, if you can keep it in one piece. As once you have it, the only thing that can make it worthy to pay more is better software. 


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For example the iPhone. The best parts of the iPhone is the software, as it is not like the phone its self gives any better functionality as another. So you can get the same functionality with the 5, as you do with the 5s. Ok, so we haven’t hit that barrier yet as the 5s has finger print locking, M7 chip and a 64 Bit architecture, but we are getting close. I also always say, that when choosing my device I look at the software, as the hardware is getting so close between all the devices, that I can’t see the deference.

I think in 2 to 3 years we are going to see a dip in hardware sales, as people will think, why pay £300 – £600 for the latest phone, when the previous one for £100 has the same software and can handle the same.

PRISM and snoopers

Just listening to a podcast and they were saying about governments reading your email and how they are trying to find ways to encrypt their data, so I just thought I would put my opinion.


If they are going to collect your mail as it goes down the pipes, they are going to read it. But why do you care so much. It’s not like your going to email “jess is cheating on john” and they are going to post it to your gossip friends. They are looking for the bad guys, so as long as you are not saying about assassinations your fine. Plus it’s not as if they are that stupid about what they read or I would have been done for saying jagabomb by now.


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So really unless you have something to hide, I say to all them groups. “Have fun and good luck reading all my boring messages”. Some times it even put in “hi government” in the email just to be nice.