The Developer and more

I am a very versatile developer that has started from the small website and company size then worked up. I am a keen learner and have a great ability to breakdown problems, solutions and goals into a workable segment.

I have built, designed and implemented websites, desktop and service applications. May primary language is C#.NET with .Net Framework or .Net Core, written for MVC, Web Forms, REST API and Message Queuing. As well as server side, I am well versed in HTML, CSS and JavaScript with experience with preprocess/libraries like Handlebars, SASS and JQuery.

These practices have been used with the best knowledge of SEO practices and Accessibility standards up to AAA. These have helped website flourish and perform to the highest standard. These have been build from scratch, advancing paid products and built within CMS platforms. I have training and extensive experience with Kentico and Sitecore CMS, plus their methodology of how to utilise a CMS platform to its full potential.

As well as building all these products and tools, I have also had the pleasure of designing them. This has been at application level of code design and standards, at the solution level of products and connectivity and finally at architecture level of server and network interactions. These have been presented in proposal documents and presentations to representatives.

These have been on Cloud, On Premise and hybrid systems with Windows primarily. I am more knowledgeable of Azure platform, but have also worked with AWS as well. These are in IaaS, SaaS and PaaS systems, plus some work with Service Less design. I have dealt from small set ups with single servers to dynamics, multi cloud, highly available and performance reliable systems.

I am then very advance with Azure DevOps platform for process management, code maintainability and the key part of building & releasing code in a DevOps method. With this I have built full very reliable Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery definitions. These have not only delivered code, but also done infrastructure set up on deployment.

I have run many project in both Agile and Waterfall methodogly, which some I have also managed and designed the process for development, testing and deployment. I have a very fair understanding of all interested parties like SEO, the business, the end user and the technical area’s, which gives me a fair view on what is the most important processes to take.