Code Skill

I have been developing for many years now and over these years I have had touch of many systems, coding languages and designs. I am primarily a C#.Net Framework/.NetCore Full Stack Developer, using HTML5, CSS3 with SCSS/LESS, JavaScript ES6 with JQuery and MS SQL. Although these are my primary skills, they are just the languages I have had the most experiance with. Other then these I have used:

  • VB.NET
  • PHP
  • AngularJS
  • MySQL
  • Oracle OSB
  • Java
  • PowerShell
  • Batch

Below are some case studies that are publicly available to display. However, I have also work on many systems that support these programs or are back ground processes.

Sitecore CMS

I have worked on a enterprise set up of Sitecore that is highly available and also built with a distributed architecture. I have helped in this project to design the infrastructure, applications and code that delivers a strong platform for the end users and the business of the company.
Example: Howdens Joinery
Example: Certified Sitecore Developer V8


As I am always looking to improve I know that using a JavaScript framework is the now and the future. Therefore I have started to learn one, which I choose AnuglarJS. I am still mastering the framework, but I have developed fast and started to get the basics embedded in.

I learn by doing, so I have an example I have worked on. This is a form using the AngularJS to validate, add and pass the details to the list. The list then repeats from an Object Array to be displayed. This is great practice as I am using general repeaters, objects, models and controllers, plus I tried to use as many type for fields for the forms. So I have using text, date, textarea, radio buttons and others for master all types.
Example: AngularJS Profile Add & List
Coursera AngularJS Course


I started with HTML4 and have slowly learnt parts of the HTML5 attributes. I have used some of the most used tags like header, nav, footer and section, plus also attributes like ‘placeholder’ on input tags. being an easy language to learn I have used all tags, then mastered how and what tags to used to make the best coded websites.

Using CSS I have learnt how to manipulate the HTML mark-up to create amazing and creative designs. Through time and practice I have learnt what CSS attributes are best to use and how to class HTMl items to reduce the amount of code needed to create the design.
Example: Microsoft HTML, CSS and JavaScript Exam 


This is the language I have used to improve the users experience and to make static design more dynamic. I have used this in the application of creative designs, Ajaxing information and creating the HTML code. I am able to read and create complex functions to reduce the amount of code needed and to make a more fluid build.
Example: JavaScript Fundamentals Courses


This is the main language that has been learnt as it is the language used through out all my employment. Using this language I have built websites that can connect to databases, take payments, plugin libraries and create my own. I have used a lot of the ASP controls to make the user experience much easier and enjoyable.I have worked with version 2-4.5 and used other DLLs imported into the web.config, plus global classes.
ExampleComms Group UK Ltd Creative Websites and CMS

Kentico CMS

Working on this Content Management System everyday has made me grow a huge host of skills to make the CMS run to its full potential. I have also completed the standard and advanced CMS training courses learning all great techniques to put the system to its limits.
ExampleOpen University
Example: Kentico Advance Training Courses


As this is a powerful language for servers I decided to learn a bit of Python to do a server programs to do things like clean up files automatically. I am learnt al the basic and find it is like more programming languages, but with different syntax’s. I would say I could easily learn more complex functionally and create better programs.
ExamplePython Course Certificate


The future of web hosting is the cloud and therefore I am reached out as a developer to learn the infrastructure of how to use Azure. This is a bit out of character for a developer, but I feel I need to know how my application will be hosted to know how to develop it. I have learnt how to use IaaS, PaaS and SaaS types with security and authentication.
Example: Azure Course Certificate

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