SEO for websites and apps is curial in the pursuit to get as many users to use them. In general when building these systems I take into account the SEO needs for the code like HTML, but I can and also do SEO campaigns for them. One thing that I only have a part in is finding the best keywords for the client and what will serve them the best purpose, but then implementing it into the content is up to the client.One thing all websites need is Google Analytics for stats on what is happening to the website, but also for what is best going forward. Other out sourcing techniques are e-shot’s to get the word out to the existing users and other parties of which you can also be tracked. The other way to get the word out and more traffic is on Social Media, which can be optimised and branded for the client to better spread their name, that will then in turn bring more traffic to the system.

From all the Google courses, from other SEO professionals and a lot of studying, I have became very efficient at reading websites and how they can be improved to make then more visible to search engines. Reviewing things link keyword density, site speed and making sure there is enough contextual content to be read by the search engines. I can also pass most any website through W3C validator and get all code to pass validations.
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  • Google Analytics – Digital Analytics Fundamentals Course
  • Google Analytics – Platform Principles
  • Google Analytics – E-Commerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions
  • Google Analytics – Mobile App Analytics Fundimentals