Dont be a fool and use the back up tools

Backing up your data is the most vital part of any business and individual person can do. This is the biggest must, but people still don’t think about it. Due to recent events I think it would be good to share my views and tips on the best solutions.

People don’t think they need back up theses days I believe because of companies like Dropbox, Apple and Google. They promote that all you data is backed up and that you can never be forgotten. The view they seem to push is that your data is eternal and can never be lost, but this is of course wrong. The worst thing is the majority of these people are the uneducationed people about technology and about the procedures you should take to safe guard your data.


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There is only so much you can do of course, as there is always a fall in something, but then your should always try your best. I have a back up by my host and I take a daily back up as well, but as it happens the server I am on gave out before both of them took place. This results in loss of 24 hours of data, which is not except able to anyones standards. Even though I had things in place to protect myself, there was many loop holes that left us exposed.

So what should you do you ask? Well I have been looking to upgrade my system and so here are my solutions for every kind of person.

The less technical

The best thing for the less technical people would be an external disk. I would be led to assume that if you are not that technical then you won’t have very high level data in your PC. For this reason I would say you would only really need a local copy of your back ups. You can purchase a descent external drive from here and all you would have to do would be plug it in every day or so, then move all you data you want over. This will then make sure if your PC dies for any reason or crashes you then have the fail safe of all your data back up.

Samsung M3 1TB USB 3.0 Slimline Portable Hard Drive – Black 

More than enough storage for any person and all there data. With the latest USB version and a high speed transfer.

This is for the most simple of technical people, but before you get to the most technical of things you can also move on from that. You can get external drives like below that are over the network. This way you don’t have to plug in the disk and it will back up all your system data. The only thing is it needs to be set up first, which for most is not an easy set up or maintenance after, plus you then need to make sure you have connectivity to the device or then it is useless.

WD 4TB My Cloud Personal Cloud Storage – NAS 

Bigger and better storage, plus it one of the top brands to delivery this product.


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Getting technical

So from there we get to paid services as well as local copies. The worst thing to have is all you data locally and then your house is robbed or burnt down. This would of course mean both your data and the back up have been destored or taken. So the next level would be a paid service like KNOWHOW.

KNOWHOW Cloud Storage

Reliable and secured data, one of the best in the business.

With this kind of service, your data is backed up automatically to their storage facliaties. This then means your house could blow away like wizard of oz, but your data is somewhere else safe. Though as I have said about my event recently, I would still do a local backup just incase there storage gets blown away before you. Although you should feel safe a these centers are like bomb bunkers and if you choose the right on they will always safe guard your data.

The technical way

This is when you are getting into the minor big leagues. I have never been higher than this so I am sure there are more robust solutions than the following, but these would be for the likes of Microsoft. For this way I would suggest you store all your system on a VM. If you run your machine on a VM, then you can take snap shot back ups of your machine. This can be done locally by yourself, by the system that is hosting it and even one step further is to get a paid service as well. This way you have multiple back ups in multiple places and they are all fast to install, so you loose nothing. This of course is a bit over the top, but you can be sure your data is not lost. For the smaller kind of people you can also do snap shots with other third party tools, like Apple has the Time Machine that takes snap shots of your Mac.

If we was getting to the higher leagues, I would guess they don’t loose data. They would have your information on hundreds of disks, in lots of different countries, so not even war could get rid of your data.

So don’t forget to do you back ups or you to could loose data and so memories

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