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A Technical DevOps Blog, sharing knowledge and wisdom to all that will read.

I like many developers and engineers are constantly pushing the boundaries of the digital world. When doing this I get stuck and rely on the kindness of other people to share their how, what and why’s. In doing so I sometimes find myself having to search the whole of Googles indexes to find what I need, which is why I then try to help the next person looking by consolidating all that effort into a single location that is my blog.

Latest Post

  • Automatic ACME SSL Certificate Rotation

    Technology needs to be secure, but we also want to make it easy to use. This is the same for us engineers managing SSL Certificates and their rotation. You can get long life certificates, but why when you can get free ones generated via the Automated Certificate Management Environment (ACME protocol). This is normally dueContinue reading “Automatic ACME SSL Certificate Rotation”

  • Setup Certbot for Azure Virtual Machines

    Certbot is a method of automating the renewal of Automated Certificate Management Environment (ACME protocol) SSL certificates and can be a handy tool to install on your Azure Virtual Machines. However, currently as of writing this there is a little snag with the Azure plugin for Certbot, as it is not yet been merged intoContinue reading “Setup Certbot for Azure Virtual Machines”

  • Terraform Code Quality

    Terraform is like any other coding language, there should be code quality and pride in what you produce. In this post I would like to describe why you should have code quality and detail some of the aspects you should be consistently doing every time you produce code. Code Quality is like when you areContinue reading “Terraform Code Quality”