Where to find Azure Tenant ID in Azure Portal?

Some of the documentation about Azure from Microsoft can be confusing and missing, including one I get ask ‘Where is the Tenant ID’. Below I give 3 locations, which there is probably, on where to find the Tenant ID in the portal. I have also added how to get the Tenant ID with the Azure CLI.

Terraform remote backend for cloud and local with Azure DevOps Terraform Task

When working with Terraform, you will do a lot of work/testing locally. Therefore, you do not want to store your state file in a remote storage, and instead just store it locally. However, when deploy you don’t want to then be converting the configuration at that point and can get messy working with Azure DevOps. This is a solution that works for both local development and production deployment with the Azure DevOps Terraform Task.

Azure DevOps Pipeline Templates and External Repositories

Working with Azure DevOps you can use YAML to create the build and deployment pipelines. To make this easier and more repeatable you can also use something called templates. However, if you want to use them in multiple repositories you don’t want to repeat yourself. There is a method to get these shared as I will demo.