Use Terraform to connect ACR with Azure Web App

You can connect an Azure Web App to Docker Hub, Private Repository and also an Azure Container Registry(ACR). Using Terraform you can take it a step further and build your whole infrastructure environment at the same time as connecting these container registries. However, how do you connect them together in Terraform?

Authenticate Terraform with Azure CLI

Sometimes there are no error messages and they’re not helpful at all, but sometimes there are error message which are helpful for your debugging of the issues which are the best thing ever. Then again this is only helpful if the error message points you to the correct problem to fix. I stubbled across an issue recently when I could not add a Secret to an Azure Key Vault via Terraform, which the error message did not help at all.

Azure DevOps Pipeline Templates and External Repositories

Working with Azure DevOps you can use YAML to create the build and deployment pipelines. To make this easier and more repeatable you can also use something called templates. However, if you want to use them in multiple repositories you don’t want to repeat yourself. There is a method to get these shared as I will demo.