eBay API template

I am using this API for my company and have discovered something so silly and stupid. This is that eBay doesn’t let you use JavaScript or JQuery, when you build a product template, but… They do.

So their policy says you cannot use JavaScript that basically effects anything out side your template and/or no importing of other files. However when I called them, they said you can’t have JavaScript at all, though the person I spoke to is a non tech wizard customer service person who was confused by what JavaScript meant. Then I also had a look at some blogs and other company’s like Sony, and they are doing a little bit of a hack.

All these big dogs are using variables to create the <script> tag, so when eBay do their checks it doesn’t get picked up. Then on page when it loads, it generates the script tag to import script files.

Now I have read some of the blogs and they say that it’s full proof and some say even eBay has said that it is a good technique. So hang about, eBay say no to JavaScript, but let you hack it?


(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

So what should you do? I would suggest, which is what I am going to do, is do it with JavaScript and/or JQuery, but have a fall back. If eBay want they will and can just pull your listings. I would assume they will have to give you a warning so this can give you time to switch to the basic style. I would say even though you are using the two J’s, I would try not to as much as possible as you want to keep the user experience if you switch.

Say you have a hover over, you want to make it so you can do it both with and with out JavaScript. This way it makes it easier to switch if eBay say but also the user won’t notice much.

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