PRISM and snoopers

Just listening to a podcast and they were saying about governments reading your email and how they are trying to find ways to encrypt their data, so I just thought I would put my opinion.


If they are going to collect your mail as it goes down the pipes, they are going to read it. But why do you care so much. It’s not like your going to email “jess is cheating on john” and they are going to post it to your gossip friends. They are looking for the bad guys, so as long as you are not saying about assassinations your fine. Plus it’s not as if they are that stupid about what they read or I would have been done for saying jagabomb by now.


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So really unless you have something to hide, I say to all them groups. “Have fun and good luck reading all my boring messages”. Some times it even put in “hi government” in the email just to be nice.

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