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Money makes the world go round and so for bringing some extra cash in I tried doing some freelance, but failed. This isn’t a moan that freelance doesn’t work or it’s crap. I am doing this to give some of my faults and experience to other people that are freelancers or want to be freelancers.

The main reason I failed was because I was trying to run multiple jobs, not just freelance but also my day job. When you start doing this you either need to take small jobs or have this as your only job. If you have a client you need to give them the full attention as they will also want jobs done fast and to a good standard.

Some other the things I failed on where you can succeeded in are things like below.


You need to get as much detail as possible. I asked a few questions at the start, but it was only when I started the job, I realised there was much more detail I should have got. You need to know everything, because once you accept the job it is your pay day on the line. If the client doesn’t like you asking so much then maybe there is a reason for that and you shouldn’t go with them.


It is hard to give yourself a price, especially when you don’t know what other competitors are charging. I compermised to get a job, which turned out to be hudge so I got under paid for the work I did. The best way is to find a value you would charge per hour, and then workout how long the job would take. You can Google around to see what others in you field think is fair as well.


Make sure that the client can give you all the resource you need if it is needed. Problem I had was a client didn’t want to give me access to some files. I could do the job still, but it took much longer and was much harder. If you need something to make the work go better then make sure you have it else your just shooting yourself in the foot.

Fail to prepare is to prepare to fail

Before you even think of proposing to a job, make sure you have the time, resources and ability to do the job. It is never good to accept the job and waste the clients time or your own time. On the other hand you should always challenge yourself to better yourself, but make sure it’s not too above your weight or it could be a loss of client and pay.

So if you think you are up for the job then go for it. Make sure you follow these tips and listen to other freelancers to gain knowledge from them as well. The more you do it the more experience you will get and then you will become the teacher.

If you have another tips for freelance then feel free to comment below and share your wisdom.

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