Quick Tips for the Sitecore Package Deployer

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There is a package for Sitecore called the Sitecore Package Deployer, that updates the Sitecore Content Management System(CMS) with packages from Team Development for Sitecore(TDS). While working with this package extension I have been told and shown two tips that can help with your development and deployment.

Admin Update Installation Wizard

With this tool you can analyse as well as install new/existing update packages to the Sitecore instance. If you browse to ‘sitecore/admin/UpdateInstallationWizard.aspx’ on your Sitecore instance, you should be presented with a login page.

If you login with your admin credentials and sign in you should be presented with the welcome page.



Once you click ‘Select a package >’ you will go to a page to select a new package, which should be an update file. Once you have selected your package you can press the ‘Package Information >’ button.




When you go to the next page you can then see the package detail and go on to ‘analyse the package >’. This will display the analyse page, which if you select the ‘Analyse’ button, it will as it says, analyse the package to identify potential conflict. Once you have reviewed you can then install the package safely and securely.

Sitecore Package Deployer URL

So back to the TDS side, that once you have put your packages in the ‘SitecoreDeployerPackages’ folder you want them to update, but now.

In our release process after putting the files in the location, we don’t want to wait for the timer to trigger, so a method is to request this URL:


This will trigger the deployer to start processing the update files, but it doesn’t stop there. While do this we started to get failed processes as the deployer was busy. This is caused by a clash between the timer and the request, so there is a way to force this by adding the query string name/value of ‘force=1’

This makes the URL look like this:




If you have any tips on using the Sitecore Package Deployer or other Sitecore related tips then please share.


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