Amazon Items by Tweeting

One of the new things by Amazon is to order your items through twitter! Yes this is true. You don’t even have to leave your social media to get the latest best items. Here are the details below to help you grab great deals on the go.

How #AmazonBasket works

Three things have to occur for #AmazonBasket to work:

  • Your Twitter account has to be connected to Amazon, so Amazon can add the product to the correct Amazon customer’s Shopping Basket
  • You have to reply to a tweet that contains the URL of an product
  • You have to add #AmazonBasket in the reply tweet. Note that #AmazonBasket will work on Twitter only, not Facebook or other social networks



(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Does this work on all Amazon products?

#AmazonBasket will add any physical product sold on to your visitors’ Shopping Baskets. Digital products are excluded since products are purchased via 1-click, preventing add to Shopping Basket functionality. We will still send a reply tweet to your visitors when they try to add digital products, informing them on how to check out.

For Kindle ebooks, we will send a free sample to your visitors’ devices, link back to the product, and/or provide a link to read the sample in Cloud Reader where possible.

For products that have variations and require the visitor to select custom options, e.g. size of trousers, or apple green vs. cobalt blue stand mixer, the product ID within the link is what will be added to your visitor’s Shopping Basket. Visitors will be able to select their preferences when they review their Shopping Baskets.

What happens if a product is out of stock or unavailable?

For any products or single-product deals that are out of stock, unavailable, expired, or not found, we will respond by tweet to confirm the visitor’s action, and notify of the appropriate situation. If the visitor replies with #AmazonBasket to a tweet that doesn’t contain a link or links to a product, the visitor will not get a reply tweet.

Where is #AmazonBasket available?

#AmazonBasket is currently only available in the UK (for links) and as #AmazonCart in the US (for links).

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