Set up your dynamic Hootsuite Account

Hootsuit offer a feature to set up a RSS feeds that will then be read by their systems to be posted on the desired social media. This is how to set it up correctly from beginning to end, plus I will show how you can do it in the VB.NET language.

How To for the Twitter Card

Bing bing, twitter email… it’s twitter card. Twitter has developed a new feature called twitter card, but how do you use it? when I was setting up the PureRandom twitter card, I followed all the instructions, but still got a bit confused. This could be just me, though it never hurts to help others.

Social media, what are they for?

So when I do quotes for SEO I always tell people to get a social media as it is a great way to get your name out and around. When you do a post with your name or link on and it goes viral, you have struck gold, but depending on your companies business type, depends on what social media you want to be on.

How to send an post using Facebook API

The biggest thing people want to do when  they do a call to Facebook API is do a post to theirs or someone else’s Facebook profile. To do this you need to be logged in, have permissions and then do the API call to post. Here Pure Random will describe how to call to Facebook API for not just a standard Facebook post, but also how to send a picture and how to send a link to Facebook.