Social media, what are they for?

So when I do quotes for SEO I always tell people to get a social media as it is a great way to get your name out and around. When you do a post with your name or link on and it goes viral, you have struck gold, but depending on your companies business type, depends on what social media you want to be on.

If your not picky then I would say go for all of them, but if you want to focus on one or two applications then here is my optioned guide. When you choose a social media you have to think about who your audience is and who you want to reach. If you do just go for everything you can get your hands on, then it may work by luck, but it will be more work as you have to push harder to get your audiance. If however you choose your social media application depending on your purpose then followers and future customers will come flooding.

As most people I look at the big four Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and surprising to most Google+. The other social media groups are great and have their place like these, but as they are not as established to the general public, you may find it harder to get followers. So here we go….


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So as one of the first social medias to take off, it is here to stay. A lot of people have said Facebook is going, but I think too many people use it so religiously that it will never go. If you are trying to reach the fun, family and general kind of people then Facebook is for you. It is good you start a page and share that round as likes are worth quiet a lot in the world of reviews.

The problem with Facebook is you may not reach many people. Although you may have 100,000 followers, only about 20,000 of them see your post, which isn’t so terrible. Facebook only lets you see what you find interesting, so if you interact with a certain group, then that group will show more offen on your feed, but however if you stop interacting with a certain group or person then they will drop off. This means that your posts may only reach about 20% of your following army. You can pay for posts to go further, but many still may not see it.

Great for an all rounder, but not for the most professional of company’s to use. As you can see from mine, it is for friend, family and silly posting, but I do have a page that I push in the same way.

Page link.



Twitter is like Facebook, but has a different application that can increase traffic or get lost. Where Facebook monitor your posts, twitter let’s you have EVERYTHING. You feed is flooded with everything you follow, like or think about it seems. This is great as you know when someone follows you, they will see your post, but then they may not if it is over crowded by all their other posts. So I guess it depends how many other people they are following. 

For this reason I have had to go through and deselected some people off my post so that I can see what i want to see. When I follow I have to be careful to understand that I will get over attacked by their post, though also depend on how many time they are posting.

The good thing is that if you can deliver a great punchy post within the 140 cap then you can get the person interested to click through into your website. It is what Google call your micros to macros, all the small steps that lead to your end goal like a purchases.

As you can see from my account, I post quick, fun and silly things, but also repost a lot of interesting articles that I see on my feed.



This is the professional network here. When you join this, you can get connected to other big companies. The main benefit for this social media is to get your name out and show how good you are. I have used this as a professional place for me to give my industry opinion. If you find a group that is relevant to your company or purpose then you can comment on posts and forums, so other can see your level of skill or knowledge.

When you use this platform you need to keep active on forums to keep your name in circulation, else you will be forgotten. I also find if you want to keep upto date with people, the feed isn’t the greatest which means your followers could think the same of following you. The other problem I find is I am flooded by recruiters. I keep getting them trying to add me thinking I always want a new job, but it is an easy press to say no.

If you want your professional self online then go to LinkedIn. You can create professional relationships and get you industry experience out on the forums. Check out my account to see how I have been doing



This is the forgotten one and always the joke of the social media, but I disagree. I have been on it for a year or so now, but only recently been getting into it. This is already the best social media platform to be on either way as it’s part of google and that’s where you want to rank. They have better access to get more detail of you or your company and then this can link to your website. This can be what you want it to be as well. If you want it to be professional then you post about that and add people like that, but then there is an abundance of fun silly things as well. It also is like LinkedIn by telling you about people viewing you profile, but they just show your view count not the person. This has showed me as well that from me just posting on relevant groups my views jumped by thousands. This then shows me that there are a lot of people on there constantly, so I am getting more views which can result in more traffic.

Google+ is great for any one and is great at what it does. I would recommend this for anyone for anything. As faults go, there are some usability problems, but nothing stopping you spreading your name.

Check out my profile to see how I use it as well.



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The rest

As mentioned above, this is not all the great social media, but it’s the less specific ones. There are plenty of platforms for the right group. As an example, some of my other fravourites are below:

Musicians – SoundCloud

Photographers – instergram

Image bloggers – tumblr

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