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I wonder if a company can get so powerful that it can take over a country, then the world? On the darker hand, can a company get so powerful it turns into Skynet? Both I hope are not true, but it does seem there are companies trying to reach these goals and one that is getting there in my eyes is Google. 

Google started as a small search engine company, which was amazing and they still amaze people everyday. I would put them up with Apple as a ruling company, by which I mean that they are a giant company to what people look to. You get companies that have such an impact on the smaller ones by the big company sets the craze and the standard to which the smaller company must follow to stay in the game. These ruling companies are slowly taking over all forms of tech and general living. Google I think is the biggest one though, as they have been buying so many companies and making so many things that they are everywhere and everyone needs them.

If you look at where they are now and want to be, you can see they are in everyone’s daily jobs, play and work. There web of products and services have grow like a chain reaction. See by the product flow below from start to now:


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Search engine

Google becomes the biggest search engine where people all look for information. There is no comparison due to the power they hold and the information they have gained. Even Bing tried to used there algorithm.

Google SEO

Everyone wants to be in the search engine so you optimise your site in line with Google, but no one cares about the other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. Even though they are big, they just don’t have the trust and information to compete.


You then need to know how you site is doing with the new SEO and with google, so everyone adds the Analytics code by them and now Google is in most every website and some apps. This means Google can source information about everything to do with you, your site and your users.


They then want to be everywhere you are and release an OS for phones that gives them extra reach past Apple to get their apps to you and you to give them more information. Apple dropped things like Google Maps, so now with there open source competitor OS they can get these kind of apps and data on more devices then other and Hereford to more consumers.


To get more information and get to where the user is at, they purchase the biggest video sharing company where billions of people go daily.


A tactical move to which Google create Google plus. I don’t think this would be as popular, not that it is that much anyway, if they didn’t put in place that you have to be a Google+ user to comment on a YouTube video. So now you have to be on there to be on YouTube fully, plus you want to be on there so Google can rank you and your site better on the search engine. I found when I search certain things, they show up first or better because Google has access to the Google+.

Self driving car

Now they know where you are and your behaviour, they want to take you to these places and be in your car. This shows how they are spending there wings to get everyone using some part of the company, which can spread to using all of the services. Just think if they build in connectivity with you Android phone, Google Glass or Google watch.

Google Glass

As well as being able to collect data from what you type, where you go and what you do, they also want to get what you see. With the Google Glass they can get even more in depth and personal data. Rumours of them selling data to the government, mean with this item they can see where you are and what you are doing potentially.

Fire alarms

Being in your browser, phone, tablet and your face isn’t enough, they buy out a fire alarm system so they can be in your home.

Google Watch *rumour

It may not be but they are rumoured to be doing a watch like the Gear, so they will be on you wrist. Like everyone though, I think they are just trying to get ahead of Apple before they release there version of a smart watch.

Project Tango *rumour

Project Tango is a rumour that they are going to try create a mini camera that can take so many pictures it can create a 3-D render of your environment. This is pretty cool and could help people like the blind, company tours and mapping, but then Google would know every inch of the world.

All of these plus more show that they have control and a hand in just about every aspect of your daily life. They will soon be the biggest company with the most knowledge of every person living in the world and soon space, which we all know knowledge is power. Though I say all of this, there is no evidence to say they are going to play Dr. evil and take over the world, it is just to say they will have the power.


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One rumour that was trashed was they had a server boat out at sea, so if any country told them to take down some information they didn’t want to, then they could say ‘sorry it’s not in your country so it is not up to you.’. Now that would be power to share information that corrupt governments would not like.

Even if you compare them to other giants like Apple and Windows, they trump them all. Windows has gone down hill since the 90’s due to them being late and rubbish to getting their own PCs and phones out, so Google and Appple trashed them in their markets. This is why Window is sticking with the PC software and phone hardware to keep in the game, which shows they are not really world ruling.

Apple, although seem Iike they could take on the world, they are very precise of what they are making and doing. They don’t just make things for the hell of it or make anything that could be crap. Apple will only send out items if they are perfect and they only do a selection of items, not trying to cover all bases like Googe. 

So as I say, I don’t think Google will invoke their huge power, but you never know and you would never see it coming…

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