Jobs (2013) Vs Steve Jobs

After a lot of hope and searching I finally found a way for me to watch the Steve jobs movie with Austin Cutcher, which has now forced my opinion to be said between the movie and the book.

I think Steve Jobs life was very interesting and something I look up to, for the things he accomplished and for some of the ways be did them. I go interested to his story after my dad read his book and told about some of the things he had done and said. So even with my dyslexia, I strove to read the bible of Steve Jobs life. 

When reading the book I was just more and more in fused to do more with my life. Steve has an extraordinary life and he push it to the limits. The book was written so well it just made you want to keep reading, which for someone who finds it hard to read that is a challenge. From the book to get so much information and it follows his life with such detail to his actions and thoughts to inspire you. 


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When I heard about the movie I was so happy as it could maybe show me what some parts I found hard to read. I find watching people interpretations of things easy to understand as I don’t have to concentrate on the words so much. Although the book was really good and I did understand it, I feel I may have missed parts which the movie could explain. I hunted for a while to get it legally in the uk, but after a long wait for it to come here and to download, I downloaded it from a torrent. This has a lot to say why people download illegally. I tried for ages to do it the right way, but I was forced to get it illegally. 

Before watching the film I was so excited to see his life in visual effect, but I was let down. I though it would be like the book and become a story of his life, but no it was more like a few scenes they thought to be important. The keyword there is THEY thought to be important. When I read the book I read a lot of interesting, fascinating and creative things he did, but none were in the movie. The acting wasn’t bad and I could believe the characters, but I think it was more they missed some interesting parts to his life.

I think the worst thing is the other ‘official’ Steve jobs movie that is meant to be coming out is going to do the same. It is going to choose 3 parts of his life and go into detail of them, but it all comes down to which arts they choose and how it portrays Steve jobs. I know it would be long, but I would love for here to be a full bio pic of his life so you can truly hear about an exsisic life.

In summary I would say watch the Jobs movie, but don’t get your hopes up. You many be more diss appointed if you have read the book as well, so just prepare yourself. It’s only a snippet of his crazy life and in my opinion he deserves more.

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