Why oh why Apple?

Why Apple? Well I’ll tell you why my friend.

All of my friends think I am crazy for Apple and they are right, but for different reasons to why they think. Their impression is that I think Steve Job is a god and that why I love Apple so much is that it is a big company. I think they imagine this as I do preach Apple for all my devices and most of my services, then when you add that most of them are not tech savy, you see why they think this. 

This is a lie though, well no it is true but not the reason. I used to be a windows/android fan and 100% against Apple. Before I thought they were a giant company that just walked in and acted as if they were giving what people wanted, but they were locked down. I didn’t like the thought that they controlled everything, unlike other systems that I was brought up on. Like most children I grew up on Windows in school and home, then when the smartphone came out it was android. When I say smartphone came out, I mean when companies like Android, Apple and Windows were throwing the smartphones out, not when I used to have the Nokia 5410 with snake. I thought with these operating systems I could customise what I want when I want and it was all to my needs 100%.

Then I slowly changed. They turned my dad to Apple before me and I fought for ages that Apple is locked and Android is open source which is better. For a while I believe that as well, but then I started to get bugs, virus apps and they never update the OS, so on and so on. I think because the distributor gets the choose to update there version of the OS, which could cost them if things don’t work, they decide to play it safe and not update. The buggy apps are the same reason as it costs to make the authentication process, plus they want to appear open source to the public and developers.

I then began my conversion to Apple when I lost my HTC android phone. I had to get a replacement and instead of forking out for a new handset on the insurance, my Apple enthusiast dad had his iPhone 3G still. This is now back 5-6 year so even then it was getting out of date, but it held its own as it was looked after a lot. Even though the system was getting out of date it was still 100% usable. I could play all my games, browser fast and as I was already on the iTunes platform, it worked together seamlessly. From that moment I fell in love with Apple, as i could never have had the ease with android at all. 


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When I was on my android phone it seemed clunky and to much going on, but the iPhone was simple yet has a world of functionality. From here I got the iPad 1st Generation and had the iPod Classic, which added to my collection and in turn made me more interested to step into the Apple world. I could see how they all worked together so well and where it failed it could only get better. I even started to appletise my windows PC by getting the navigation menu installed.

I finally got the MacBook Pro and the transformation was complete. The main reason I love all the gadgets, is the Eco system. All my contacts, mail, security, games, calendars and just about everything else works, syncs and functions together. When I got into programming and started out as a web developer, I did some iOS apps as well. When doing this I saw how easy it was to fuse all the platforms together and why they synchronisation was so easy. When doing checks it was easy enough to do it all on the emulator and any small tidy ups on the device itself, unlike web cross browser testing. When doing that it is checking about 10 browsers, 5 versions and 2 platforms, not fun.

Though I had a thought as I am coming to the end of my contract for my phone, what phone to go for. I instantly went for the iPhone 6, but I had a terrifying discovery that it doesn’t matter what phone. When I used to get a phone I would go down to the store and try every handset, play on all platforms and then decide. Now though I am sucked into the Apple universe, I instantly think I have to go for the iPhone. I wish there was a competitor I could rely on, but they wouldn’t be in the Eco system. I even thought about slowly going to android as I am surrounding myself with a lot of Google, but they are not as tight with the hardware side, that I think makes apple that bit better. When you work the hardware with the software seamlessly then it is a full proof item.


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Though I was worried by this thought, why should I be. Apple is still great, even with Steve Jobs passing away. Hopefully they will continue not to disappoint as much as a company can and keep on innovating technology. I am even considering the the rumoured Apple watch, because no other watch will work so well with all my devices. Even Samsung have gone the same way and limited the Gear watch with certain Samsung android items only.

I basically love Apple and can’t wait to see what the future holds for them. Hopefully there will be a competitor that works like Apple and I can have a bit more to read into when deciding what device to go for next.

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