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I listen to podcast daily and so I have below all my favourite podcast, which of course are all technology and web related. Podcasts are my way to learn and keep upto date while I travel to work. When I am biking in I can’t read a book or look at my social media, so instead I listen to the most up to date podcasts. It is a good way to bridge the gap in-between productive and useful.

Please see below the top podcasts for technology and the web, but if you know better ones then tell us all and share the awesomeness.


The first and the best. Although it is American, so I can’t watch live or cash-in on some of the deals they provide, I can enjoy the content. They talk about all the top stories and new technologies, like most but with a great sense of humour. They chat casually about all the subjects, plus the host Leo Leopote seems to be rich as he owns pretty much every piece of technology they talk about. This then gives you the hands on user review and not an estimate review. They have many other shows as part of the TWiT network, so if you don’t just want tech then you can get a podcast update on things like business, security and more specific platforms like android from

Hosts: Leo Laporte and friends
Average runtime: 2hours
Frequency: 1 per week
Download here:



Another show done by the TWiT network that I listen it is TWiG, which is This Week In Google. Although they also talk about Twitter, Facebook and other thing on the net, they also give you the whole low down on Google. They are like the TWiT show being relaxed and honest about their opinions on the subjects. One of the features they do that is beneficial if you are in the Google Eco-System, is the Google Change Log. This gives you all the updates of Google on all their systems from an outstanding Android developer and Google enthusiast Gina.

Hosts: Leo Laporte and Gina Trapani, Jeff Jarvis
Average runtime: 2hours
Frequency: 1 per week 
Download here:



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The big web show

Newly downloaded, but I am starting to really enjoy it. Although they do chat about random things to do with their personal life and the old days, it also has some great web content. They talk about some of the newest technology in web development, design and the process of doing it all. Very good as a casual listen about web to find out some interesting subjects, but not for the people trying to learn web development.

Hosts: Jeffery Zeldman
Average runtime: 1 hours
Frequency: Not Consistent, About 1-2 a month
Download here:


CSS tricks

This is a very handy podcast to learn new and extremely helpful techniques. The only issue I find from this is it is a video cast, so it’s not something you can just listen to on your way to work if you are biking like me. Though if you are training it in, then your good.

CSS tricks come at you with some great screen cast that are using the latest technologies, plus they are mostly requested by the audience so you can guarantee if they needs this tutorial then so do you.

The cherry on top that let’s you know it is a helpful and useful podcast, is it is done by, as you can guess, Chris Coyier ….. Who runs CSS tricks and also Codepen. These again hold the most useful information for a front end developer.

Hosts: Chris Coyier
Average runtime: 30 minutes
Not Consistant
Download here:



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Greg James Thats What He Said

One just for fun is the Greg James podcast. Not going to say much as its meant to be tech, but for a Monday morning travel in there is nothing like listening to Greg James for some good laughs to cheer up your day. All the best features of his show,  which is just about all the best bits.

Hosts: Greg James and Chris Smith with the news
Average runtime: 1 hour 30 Minutes
Frequency: 1 per week
Download here:

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