What have you done?

I was watching the Casey Neistat promotional video for the upcoming Ben Stiller film (link at the end).

While watching it I was thinking “what have I done worth while?”

I see these great people, leave their jobs, family and life, behind to go help another country or start a charity, but I don’t think I can. I think about doing it, to help those in need and be the better man, but every time I start thinking its goes the wrong way.

I think pack up, sell this, sell that, then It goes into, the what if. What if I can’t afford it after I sell everything, then I’ll have nothing and nothing to show for it. What if I can’t do it in the end. What if my family needs me. Then it’s the more selfish thoughts of. I have just built this life why leave it. I worked for what I have I don’t want to loose it. I have my own struggles to worry about.

I think I will alway promise myself, that if the opportunity arose to go do some work or project to help even people in the UK, I would. Though people would say, ” why don’t you give to a charity?”

I don’t !!


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Although I know some of these charity do good and spend the money in the right place, I don’t trust them. I did some business in university and learnt that a charity is a business. The only difference is they can have no profit, but all that means is that they have to spend the money, and what better place then… Their pockets. That’s why I would like to do something physical to help someone, so I know they got what they deserve and needed.

Basically, what I pose is what have you done to make a difference and why, or why not? I hope I have that push and opportunity some day to do my part.



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