Are there any great musicians?

My favorite band of all time is Queen. I think the story, the lyrics and the music that was made was magical, and from that I was thinking the other night, what other great bands or solos are their.

When you look at the greats like Queen, The Beetles and even Michael Jackson, their music has lasted decades, even after most of then have passed away. This is because their music had meaning, heart and just plain amazing. 


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These days though, I look at 1Direction, Lady Gaga and other singers of these times and think will they be remembered. I can’t think of many songs that I have kept on my iPhone for years or though when I have kids I’ll get them to listen to that. 

Just think when you go to a party it’s thinks like agadodo and UB40. When it’s Christmas time it’s Dreaming of a White Christmas and All I Want For Christmas Is You. So on and so on, but their is none from the last like 10 years or so.

I want to be in the year when a great will come and their songs last forever. Think today’s songs are just what ever the people and kids want to hear. 

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