No more desktop 2016?

They have said that this is the year of responsive websites and so do you wonder if next year there will only be mobile device websites? If every one goes on their mobile  and tablet devices all the time then is there a need to worry about desktop?

When I first started website developing there was no real need to develop for mobile devices. They were not really used for website searching and product browsing. This was because of the device speed, roaming speed and also it was just not easy with them phones. As technology for the devices have grown to become mini computers, cameras, controllers and a lot more, the web developing standards have also growth.

The stats show that over the past year more people are browsing and shopping on mobile devices including tablets, mobiles and soon to be watches. This has then brought focus to the developers making a website mobile responsive a want to a must. If you do not make your website mobile responsive then not only will it not appear great to the users of the website, but search engines like Google will see it as a negative. Read my post about responsive website development to see why responsive is a must and how best to do it by Google’s standards.

If the mobile devices are on such a rise with tablets and mobiles being cheaper to buy, then will the developing needs switch. Like when there was no need to for phone and tablet design/development, will it turn to the other way when you do not need to developer or design for desktop?


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When you start designing would you start with the mobile device design and have the desktop as an after thought? Would you even sell mobile websites and then the desktop as a bonus?

I think the desktop will either always stay or at least until the technology really does boom in mobile devices. There are always the hardcore gamers, programmer and even the older generation that want to use a desktop, plus need to for the power. You can’t beat a desktop or even a laptop on power, speed and battery life compare to a mobile device, so there will always be a demographic. Though technology will advance and could change this.

What do you think? Do you think that you will still be developing or designing for desktop devices in the next few year?

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