Coding Project Mind Block

When you are developing for fun, do you ever get a project mind block? What to do, what’s best to do or what could be fun to do of course.

I do little projects on Code Pen for fun and also for personal development. They help me try out new technologies and practice existing skills I already know. The projects I have done so far are ideas I needed for a job, plus some random items I have done that just pop in my head. For instance I did the Time Difference Project for a delivery count down module on a clients website, but found it was useful to put on Code Pen as well. This way if I need it again or someone else needs it then it is there for them. I also have done things like Tile Game Project after I played the app on my iPhone and thought it would be fun to recreate it.

I keep getting some Ideas, but then I hit the wall of code. I just get to a point that I can’t think of a project that will be fun, challenging and also worth it. If the project is not going to interest me then I will get to a point and leave it, which is just a waste of time. Then if it is not challenging then I will not be gaining any knowledge and over coming any struggle, so it will have to improve me to be worth the time. Finally I would like to get something out of it some times, that isn’t just fun and challenging. I would also like the project to have its worth in real world modules and websites. I do admire and wish I could think of a module to publish to Git, then used by thousands. I think most developers want their work and effort recognised, but for now I will settle with it being useful to myself and the select few.


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As I proposed before, what do you do? Well here are some places and things I did to find what projects to do next:

  1. Simple but great is to look at others code. This could be on Code Pen, Git or even people’s websites. You can find some amazing work out there that will make you dribble. You can then either recreate their projects, or you can look at how to perfect it. Recreating them can be fun, but it gives you the chance to cheat and see how they did it. If you look to perfect or create it in your own way, then you will have more of a challenge to learn what to do in the future.
  2. Like looking at perfecting code, you could also look back at what you have done before. With new technology and even more time you could make previous modules and code even better. I know I would like to reconstruct a few things that was rushed for a deadline.
  3. After me hitting my block I reached out on Twitter and one place Code Pen tweeted back to me was this link This person Tevko has made a web app that you can get given random challenges. Some are easy ones that if you are a experienced developer you could do in a second, but some can be really good and even challenging. It also has the ability to give problems from Github to solve. This way not only do you have fun, but you can also help out others which is always rewarding.

    My first challenge I have got was to build a clock with CSS. I did sort of cheat as I set the HTML and the start time with AngularJS. You can check it out here CSS Clock

  4. Speaking about solving others problems on Github, you could also go on to Stack Overflow to solve issues on there as well. If you have been on there before, you know it never short of peoples problems.

I hope you find some more great challenges and if you want to share any other methods please use the comments below to help others.


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