Terraform plan output to JSON

The Terraform CLI currently doesn’t output the plan to a human readable file when running the plan command. It currently prints to the console in a readable format, at least within Azure DevOps, but the tfplan file outputted is not. This can be very unhelpful within a deployment pipeline when you save the output fileContinue reading “Terraform plan output to JSON”

Connect Azure MySQL to Private Endpoint with Terraform

To connect an Azure MySQL Database, or other services in Azure, one of the most secure methods to do this is with a Private Endpoint. Microsoft document the architecture they recommend using an App Service connecting to a MySQL Server, which is good if you are using the Azure Portal, but there are some missingContinue reading “Connect Azure MySQL to Private Endpoint with Terraform”

Create User on Azure MySQL Database with Terraform

After you create you Azure MySQL Server, you would like to create a Database, but for security you would like to have a new custom user added with permission. Unfortunately the Azure Providers do not provide this, so we need to use some other skills to get these users in. First we can go aheadContinue reading “Create User on Azure MySQL Database with Terraform”

Unable to delete Azure Subnet due to Resources

With Azure Subnets there is an order to deleting the resources. You must disconnect the Virtual Network Subnets before deleting the resources, or you can’t delete the Subnet. This caused myself some issue, while using Terraform as I kicked a Destroy command and did it in the wrong order. However, I found a method onContinue reading “Unable to delete Azure Subnet due to Resources”