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A Technical DevOps Blog, sharing knowledge and wisdom to all that will read.

I like many developers and engineers are constantly pushing the boundaries of the digital world. When doing this I get stuck and rely on the kindness of other people to share their how, what and why’s. In doing so I sometimes find myself having to search the whole of Googles indexes to find what I need, which is why I then try to help the next person looking by consolidating all that effort into a single location that is my blog.

Latest Post

  • How to use Facebook API to login

    Users don’t like signing up to things except when it is easy. This is where Facebook and other social media companies come in. You can use their API’s to login to your website, which I will demo here how you login to your website using Facebook credentials.

  • Responsive decided

    The battle field was laid out and the fight between the quick, safe, easy  fixed viewport and the reliable, standard responsive viewport was a foot. Then walked in the boss… Google. Recently Google has decided which method you must follow to get good rankings on its search engines. Is it the best choose? And should Google get to decide?

  • Firebug for your tablet

    Follow these simple steps to get Firebug on your tablet.