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A Technical DevOps Blog, sharing knowledge and wisdom to all that will read.

I like many developers and engineers are constantly pushing the boundaries of the digital world. When doing this I get stuck and rely on the kindness of other people to share their how, what and why’s. In doing so I sometimes find myself having to search the whole of Googles indexes to find what I need, which is why I then try to help the next person looking by consolidating all that effort into a single location that is my blog.

Latest Post

  • eBay API template

    I am using this API for my company and have discovered something so silly and stupid. This is that eBay doesn’t let you use JavaScript or JQuery, when you build a product template, but… They do.

  • Non JavaScript Websites

    As you may be aware, I am a web developer and I have just moved company. Now I am working at my new place, I am realising big difference in practice and one that gets me is Non JavaScript websites.