Create User on Azure MySQL Database with Terraform

After you create you Azure MySQL Server, you would like to create a Database, but for security you would like to have a new custom user added with permission. Unfortunately the Azure Providers do not provide this, so we need to use some other skills to get these users in. First we can go aheadContinue reading “Create User on Azure MySQL Database with Terraform”

Unable to delete Azure Subnet due to Resources

With Azure Subnets there is an order to deleting the resources. You must disconnect the Virtual Network Subnets before deleting the resources, or you can’t delete the Subnet. This caused myself some issue, while using Terraform as I kicked a Destroy command and did it in the wrong order. However, I found a method onContinue reading “Unable to delete Azure Subnet due to Resources”

Auto Purge Azure Container Registry Images

When adding images into the Azure Container Registry you might start getting a backlog of images that need to be cleaned down. Azure CLI has some features, but you might want more… With the Azure CLI you can use the ‘ACR’ commands, which contain the option of ‘purge’. This can be combined with a tagContinue reading “Auto Purge Azure Container Registry Images”

Automate Security for Azure Container Registry

From March 2021 Azure is deprecating the Container Setting in Azure Web Apps, which changes you to use the new Development Center. This look very nice, but there is a change that is going to force you to have weaker security. This change is to have the Admin Credentials enabled, but there is something youContinue reading “Automate Security for Azure Container Registry”

Push Docker Image to ACR without Service Connection in Azure DevOps

If you are like me and using infrastructure as code to deploy your Azure Infrastructure then using the Azure DevOps Docker task doesn’t work. To use this task you need to know what your Azure Container Registry(ACR) is and have it configured to be able to push your docker images to the registry, but you don’t know that yet. Here I show how you can still use Azure DevOps to push your images to a dynamic ACR.