How to get a PDF from Server Side to Client Side?

So you generate a PDF in the C# code or any back end code, but need to send it back to the JavaScript doing the AJAX request. The trouble is how you return a file back to the client side and is the same problem I faced. There are loads of methods of how to do this that I have seen on the line, but these are the ways I found worked with C#.NET and JavaScript.

How to merge multiple images into one with C#

Due to a requirement we needed to layer multiple images into one image. This needed to be faster and efficient plus we didn’t want to use any third party software as that would increase maintenance. Through some fun research and testing I found a neat and effective method to get the outcome required by only using C#.NET 4.6.

Returning an image from a General Handler in .NET

You know how to return a string, you know how to return an integer and you know how to return JSON, but do you know how to return an image from a General Handler file (ashx) in .NET 4.6? Well if not then fear not as I have the answer. Simply put you make sureContinue reading “Returning an image from a General Handler in .NET”